Tea Time | Mona Lagerstedt’s Experience
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Mona Lagerstedt’s Experience

27 Jul Mona Lagerstedt’s Experience

My experience of tea time in  Ounasloma cottage in Enontekiö Finnish Lapland. I heard about teatime at my work and thought it sounded interesting to meet new people, maybe start new friendships, learn about other cultures etc. So i signed up as a guest. Maybe i will sign up as a host later on but i wanna try and see how it is first. So my first experience of tea time was amazing. I met up with some new friends in Vaasa and we decided to try a special kind of tea time. So we made a trip to Finnish Lapland during midsummer and enjoyed tea time at a really nice cottage at midsummer eve.

isamonaphilipDuring our meeting we planned our further trip to north cap in Norway for the next day and had a nice time. I got to know one person from Iran. We were chatting about the traditions in Finland, Kenya and Iran and also a lot about culture differences. I got to know a lot of new things that i had no idea about before, and I really love learning about other cultures so i guess tea time is an perfect activity for me. For you who’s thinking about signing up as a host/guest i would really recommend it! It was an awesome experience and i can’t wait until next time. :)

Mona Lagerstedt


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