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Jaana Ahl’s Experience

29 Jun Jaana Ahl’s Experience

Since I’m generally interested in multiculturalism, the articles on the idea of TeaTime in Pohjalainen and Vasabladet drew my attention. Eagerly I signed up as a guest and it was well worthwhile. The idea is Locals meet Globals and tea sounds like a natural way with a low threshold to meet people of a different cultural background. To me, TeaTime and to get to know new people and new cultures seemed interesting right away. Soon after I signed up, an invitation for tea arrived from an Indian family. My excitement grew even more since I do yoga and through other hobbies of mine, the Indian culture really fascinates me.

So I was biking through a grim rainstorm to the tea time. The cheerful and very welcoming hostess Manu, with whom I had the opportunity to chat with for a while before the second guest arrived, greeted me. Another Finnish woman, Erika, was joining us too. I really liked a genuine, homemade Indian Chai along with the snacks we were treated. As soon as I got home, I just had to find out how you prepare that lovely warm beverage so that I could enjoy it in rainy autumn evenings by the candlelight. Time flew by so quickly as us three women were having an animated discussion.

Before we split up, Manu was kind enough to show us her house, for instance the temple room found in every Hindu home. She told us about their customs and differences when compared with Finnish ones. The TeaTime was truly successful and warm – exactly as I had envisioned it to be. I headed home having won good spirit and another experience. I recommend such an experience to everyone, in these busy lives we lead, it’s good to sit down and enjoy good company, a new culture and of course that great tasting tea. I kind of forgot to take pictures in the midst of the discussion but I managed to get at least a few shots.

Thanks for a lovely idea and TeaTime. Be bold and sign up!

(Indian Chai recipe – http://www.aspicyperspective.com/2012/03/how-to-make-chai-tea.html )

Jaana Ahl

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