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Where Locals Meet Globals

”Connecting people” was the headline of a well-known Finnish brand and it’s also our motto without electronic devices but with simple and true meetings. Vaasa is an amazing city in several aspects and one of its wealth is its diversity. As you know, Vaasa welcomes people coming from the world. Living, studying, working all together without knowing each other, what a waste isn’t it ?

Here you got a chance/opportunity to get to know your neighbors, your colleagues, to have an incredible tea time. It’s not only a cup of tea it’s an open door, a way to build a bridge between people and cultures.

It’s an opportunity to show and return hospitality to Finns. What is tea time for us? What does teatime means for us? …It’s a moment to build bridges between people and cultures …It’s a moment to see that every culture is part of a big whole world …It’s a moment to forget all prejudices… It’s a moment to tighten links, develop friendship …It’s a moment to enjoy a voluntary welcome. It’s a moment to open your mind and taste a nice cup of tea …

Tea time gives locals a chance to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. By inviting locals to their homes for a short visit in their daily lives enabling true encounters. So, forget all you think you know and be ready for a new experience.

A Tuareg proverb says “You need three things to make tea: time, ember and friends”.


How it Works ? It’s easy like a cup of tea

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Meet Our Team

Anas Ashfaq
Anas Ashfaq
Susanne Hägglund
Joachim Majors